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Whaddyawannaknow? is what happens when an internet clickhole and an interactive film get together and have a very strange baby that’s the future of shoppable content. This is a pilot written for Walmart that’s expandable, customizable, and ultimately shoppable, from the visuals to the props to the trivia. The full experience is now defunct, but catch a vibe with the demo video below.

2020 Communication Arts Interactive Competition Winner - Mobile

Can you freakin believe it? We had to sell 12 different holiday skincare bundles at Shopping for skincare for yourelf is hard enough, so we framed up each bundle around an archetype of a person who would love to receive it. These videos ran across all social media and OTT, with Sleigh at Any Age converting the most purchases. 

Welcome to the Walmart Toy Lab, the most epic virtual toy store around. Here kids become toy testers, and tell Chief Fun Officer Ms. Bartlesby which toys are the most fun via a Toy Report that they can also share with their parents.

Built on the Eko platform, this interactive film contains over five hours of video content. 

Toy Lab raked in over 3.1 million engaged views, with kids spending an average of 10+ minutes playing with toys. Over 2.1 million toys were added to Toy Reports, and 90% of Toy Reports were shared with parents. 

Check out the video walkthrough below.

The “Don’t Push” button was a huge hit, with over 2.1 million pushes. 

The Walmart Toy Lab lives within KidHQ, a digital content headquarters with a different branded experience on every floor. 

Wall Street JournalWalmart and Mattel Lease ‘Floors’ in a Virtual Toy Store Run on Interactive Video

Forbes: “Experiences, the thinking goes, can’t be delivered online ... Walmart and one of its tech partners have a different idea about that.”

BuzzfeedEko Reshapes Holiday Shopping With KidHQ, A Choice-Driven Experience For Kids, That Parents Can Learn From

Extreme Reach: “The Toys R Us bankruptcy in 2018 left a gaping hole for many parents. And while no brick-and-mortar retailer has emerged to fill the gap, a virtual store called KidHQ is helping to replicate online the toy browsing and discovery that until now could only be done IRL.”

When Honey Nut Cheerios wanted to help teach kids coding literacy, we launched, an online coding camp where kids could learn the basics and create their own game. We used the stars of Nickelodeon’s GameShakers to build buzz via on air and social, and to help kids on the site with tutorial videos.
Over 1 million kids checked out, spending on average an hour and 15 minutes per session strengthening their coding skills.

Case study coming soon! 

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