Hi. I'm Clancy Fink.

My name means “son of the red haired fighter.”
I’m the daughter of a bald nurse.

I’m a born-and-raised New Orleanian living in Brooklyn with an astoundingly hyperactive cat. I love New York, but I’m cold and I miss grits.

In the past 10+ years as a copywriter, I’ve lived several creative lives and learned a ton. I believe advertising works best when it’s based on a simple human truth. I love guiding juniors on their creative journeys. My favorite things to work on are interactive video, kid-targeted conversations and anything I’ve never done before.

Outside of work, I’m a frequent traveler and a powerlifter. Turns out, deadlifting 365 pounds puts a lot of things into perspective. 

Send me some weird stuff you saw on the Internet:
clancy.fink@gmail.com / 706.614.3554

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